Aug. 5, 2021

Optometry's Purple Cow - E56

Optometry's Purple Cow - E56

Optometry's Purple Cow - E56

Highlights from this episode:

Optometry's Purple Cow (00:48)

Office Talk: Recruiting a Doctor, Ruth's Chris, & Office Updates (15:30)

The Purple Cow is a book by Seth Godin and I would highly recommend it! In this episode I apply the concepts in this book regarding marketing to our practices. Listen in and see where you fall in the Innovation Adoption Cycle and how you can use that to make your business better! (00:48)

In this week's office talk I talk about my struggles with recruiting another doctor and some new office developments. Remember how I talked about giving luxury experiences? I am going to lay out my entire plan for having my office staff experience this as well as adding some new software and technology to the office to help us grow and become better than ever! (15:30)

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