May 20, 2021

Multifocal Conversations You Need to Have - E45

Multifocal Conversations You Need to Have - E45
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Multifocal Conversations You Need to Have - E45

Highlights from this episode: 

Multifocal Conversations You Need to Have (00:37)

Office Talk: Meetings, New Office, New Hire, Oh my! (11:36)

Out of all the glasses/contacts we prescribe, multifocals could probably be considered the "problem child". These Rx's (and really the patients too for that matter) require some additional care and explanation if it is to be successful. In this episode I lay out the key conversations you need to have to make these go as smooth as possible and leave everyone feeling good at the end of the day. (00:37)

This week in Office Talk we have a lot going on! I'm talking meetings, where I'm at with the new practice design and planning, and then how my new hire is panning out. Tune in for all the details! (11:36)

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