Aug. 27, 2020

Managing Your Staff: The Office Meeting - E7

Managing Your Staff: The Office Meeting - E7

Managing Your Staff: The Office Meeting - E7

Highlights from this episode: 

Managing Your Staff: The Office Meeting (00:53)

Cold Start Scheduling (11:06)

My Myopia Management Journey (17:20)

There's "managing" and then there's "managing well". There's a HUGE difference from the staff's perspective. The office meeting is a great place to start (or re-start) doing it well! Hearing the words "Office Meeting" probably doesn't cause you to get all those warm fuzzy feelings... but maybe it should. In this segment I cover some fantastic ways I've found to have a really effective AND enjoyable office meeting for all those involved. (00:53)

What happens when you start a practice cold and then some one calls wanting an appointment? SCHEDULING!! Get some extremely important tips on how to set up your schedule when you first start and use your (and your staff's) time well. (11:06)

In my Myopia Management Journey this week, the more experience I get under my belt, the more I am able to discern what I really need from an ortho-k distributor. Listen about my change of heart with using the Moon Lens and what I'm looking to shift to instead. (17:20)

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