June 9, 2022

Making Managed Care Work For You - E100

Making Managed Care Work For You - E100

Make Managed Care Work For You - E100

Highlights from this episode:

Make Managed Care Work For You (1:56)

Office Talk: Office Meeting & Highlight Board (13:07)

Managed care is a much talked about battle we fight in our practices. There's the constant back and forth between the poor reimbursements and losing patients because you don't take their insurance. In this episode we are talking about how to make the most of managed care because it's here to stay. This is the sandbox we need to play in at this point. If it goes away someday, we all win; but for now, we need to adapt and make the most of our opportunities with these patients. (1:56)

In our Office Talk today, we are talking office meetings! I always talk about the importance of having these frequent meetings with your team and today we are sharing some new things we are putting in place. We just had one and we are starting a new motivational tactic called the "highlight board" listen in on what this means and the point of it. (13:07)

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