April 15, 2021

Keys to an Efficient Practice - E40

Keys to an Efficient Practice - E40
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Keys to an Efficient Practice - E40

Highlights from this episode:

Keys to an Efficient Practice (00:40)

Four Questions: What did you know that you found out was wrong? (11:22)

Office Talk: Sclerals & Staffing (19:59)

We all know that there are a million little things that go in to a day in the office. Between all those things, I guarantee there are ways to make it more efficient. Today I give you just a few ways that I have found in my own practice to maximize efficiency which in turn will save your time, money, and sanity. (00:40)

This week we are continuing on in the "Four Questions" series with: What did you know that you found out was wrong? Now there are SO many things I have learned over the years since opening my practice but I have narrowed it down to my top three things for you. Don't forget to let me know what yours are! (11:22)

In office talk, we are chugging right along with scleral fits and I am very excited with how that part of my practice is growing! I have a staff member moving away as well so we are navigating that and planning for the future! (19:59)

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