Dec. 9, 2021

How To Maximize Feedback, Good or Bad! - E74

How To Maximize Feedback, Good or Bad! - E74

Got Feedback? Use It! - E74

Highlights from this episode:

Got Feedback? Use It! (00:34)

Office Talk: Keeping Staff Sharp & Putting Out Fires (13:08)

Not receiving feedback on how you're doing when you first start a practice can be kind of daunting initially after years of getting a ton of it in school. However, that can lead to us not asking for it and then even being afraid of it. No one likes getting bad feedback, but let me just say, you're never going to grow and get better if you don't! In this episode I dive into how to get feedback and then what to do with it to keep your practice growing and getting better every day! (00:34)

In this week's office talk, I go over what my staff does when I'm away at conferences to stay sharp. There are always things that can be worked on and improved and this is a great "down time" for them to do it! I also talk about the other fires you have the joy of putting out on a regular basis. Things are going to going wrong, get messed up, get shut down, etc. It's inevitable. You decide how you handle it and how long you let it affect you. (13:08)

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