May 11, 2023

How To Make Your Optometric Practice Stand Out - E148

How To Make Your Optometric Practice Stand Out - E148
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Optometry: The Ultimate O.D.

How To Make Your Optometric Practice Stand Out - E148

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: Discover Your Super Power: 3 Steps to Stand Out! (00:40)

Office Talk: Manager progression & measuring what matters (21:28)

In this week's episode we are talking about the importance of not being a commodity. The key to differentiating yourself from other practices is found in specializing. When you pick a specialty and become an expert, you are no longer competing for the same patients as the practice down the road. You have a specific avatar that you cater to and do your best work with. Listen in to get the 3 steps on how to create this in your practice. (00:40)

In Office Talk this week we are starting to see the fruits of our manager training. They are beginning to take things over and it feels amazing! We are also implementing a scorecard to help encourage and motivate our staff members. You've heard it before and I'll say it again: measure what matters. If you (or your staff) don't know where you are sitting on important KPIs, there's no way you're going to improve. (21:28)

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