Dec. 17, 2020

How To Make "Consistency" Increase Your Profitability - E23

How To Make
How To Make "Consistency" Increase Your Profitability - E23 Highlights from this episode:  The Run Down: How to make "Consistency" Increase Your Profitability (0:53) Cold Start: Set Up Your Practice to Have the Ability To Run Without You (10:45) Office Talk: Let's Talk Scleral Lenses! (15:53) Consistency is key no matter what business you are in. Your patients need to know what to expect when they come for an appointment otherwise it will cause unnecessary stress on both them and your staff. Apply these keys to increase your profitability AND keep your patients and staff happy! (0:53) When you start cold, you are going to do EVERYTHING. Just don't let that hold you back from growing and passing the baton on to the next capable staff member when you start to grow. In this episode I share how I learned this the hard way when I opened my second location! (10:45) I am having a blast with sclerals lately if you haven't figured that out from the past few episodes. I am learning great tips and tricks and have gotten some great insights from the first 5 fits I've done the past week or so. Don't miss this segment if you are thinking about adding this to your practice! (15:53) Join in the fun and subscribe to the podcast to keep up with all the great content coming down the pipe! For exclusive content, be sure to register your email on our website and I will be sending out newsletters and other great bonuses as we go. I love getting feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. so contact me at, on social media (click here for -> Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) OR, just shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to chat!