Sept. 7, 2023

How to Increase Sales without Selling: Part 2 - E165

How to Increase Sales without Selling: Part 2 - E165

How to Increase Sales without Selling: Part 2 - E165

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: How to increase sales without selling (00:54)

Office Talk: Culture and the straw that stirs the drink (20:45)

Closing Thought: Lessons from a donkey (23:39)

In this week's episode we are picking up from Episode 164 with part 2! Learn how to create a one-page battle plan to focus your practice and give you staff a simplified vision and mission for what they need to know and share with patients. Every patient should know exactly what you do. Your staff is the tip of the spear and with a defined mission and expectation, they will be able to talk with people (patients or otherwise) about what you do without even thinking about it. You want them to sell? Sell them on the vision and watch them go to work.

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In office talk this week, we had a staff member out for a week. Whenever this happens it's always important to take stock of what things are like when they are gone. Are things worse? Are they better? You may be surprised at what the general feeling amongst the rest of the staff is like. It can be very telling with how well they fit (or don't fit) into your office culture.

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