Dec. 15, 2022

How to Create Your Ideal Patient Avatar - E127

How to Create Your Ideal Patient Avatar - E127

How to Create Your Ideal Patient Avatar - E127

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: How to Create Your Ideal Practice Avatar (00:37)

Office Talk: Dry Eye Practice (17:48)

In today's episode we are talking about finding your ideal patient avatar. The past few episodes have all lead up to this and dialing this in will either confirm all the work you've done so far, or it will send you right back to the drawing board to adjust your plan because it wasn't actually aligned with where you want to go with your practice. Once you figure out everything about the person you WANT in your chair, the rest becomes so much easier! (00:37)

In our Office Talk today, we are talking about our practice's dive into dry eye. It's amazing to think of how much has changed and been added in just the last two months. We are excited to share the journey with you so stay tuned! (17:48)

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