Oct. 21, 2021

Charge What You're Worth! - E67

Charge What You're Worth! - E67

Charge What You're Worth! - E67

Highlights from this episode:

Charge What You're Worth (00:35)

Office Talk: Dropping a Frame Line, Chats with Ultimate O.D.'s (12:31)

Think about it: your prices dictate the kind of person that will pay it. Right? When I started my practice, I thought my edge was going to be charging the lowest price for my exam. As it turned out, I learned a valuable lesson about setting prices and expectations to get the kind of patient you want to build your practice on! (00:35)

Let me just say, getting to have conversations with other Ultimate O.D.'s out there is so invigorating to me! I'm fired up from a great chat I had with an O.D. in Pennsylvania and I know I'm better for it. Iron sharpens iron, my friends. Reach out to other O.D.'s you look up to and respect and see where it takes you! I guarantee you'll learn something new and it will improve your life and practice in some way. I'm always up for connecting and love it when you all reach out so let's keep it going and growing! (12:31)

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