June 30, 2022

CEO Series: Online + Social Media Presence - E103

CEO Series: Online + Social Media Presence - E103

CEO Series: Online + Social Media Presence - E103

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Series: Online + Social Media Presence (2:06)

Office Talk: Frame Pricing, Strategy for rest of the year (15:31)

In today's episode, we are continuing on in our CEO series and talking all about your online and social media presence and strategy. Do you follow a schedule? What kind of content do you post? Are you posting weekly? Is your website current or has nothing changed in years? All these things have a MAJOR impact on your brand as so many patients are going to either come to your or not based on what they can find online. Enjoy! (2:06)

In our Office Talk today, we discuss my philosophy on pricing my frames, how to make sure your margins are maintained, etc. You have a lot of money tied up on the frames you put on your boards so better make them work for it! We are also talking about our practice strategy for the rest of the year as we move toward growth! (15:31)

Need help keeping your practice visible and staying on top of your social media? You need to check out Social Jazz! They have a great solution to the never ending battle of social media for your practice. They do all the work creating content, posting, etc. and you get to sit back and enjoy the rewards of staying front of mind with your patients!

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