June 23, 2022

CEO Series: Evaluating Your BHAG/Vivd Vision - E102

CEO Series: Evaluating Your BHAG/Vivd Vision - E102

CEO Series: Evaluating Your BHAG/Vivd Vision - E102

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Series: Evaluating Your BHAG/Vivd Vision (2:31)

Office Talk: Slower Weeks, Seasonal Businesses (17:22)

In today's episode, we are starting a new series on being a CEO of your practice. Today we focus on your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (affectionately referred to as your BHAG) and overall vision for your practice. What does it look like to have one? Can it change or must it be nonconforming? These are just some of the questions we will be answering! (2:31)

In our Office Talk today, we discuss those dreaded "slow" weeks you may have pop up. How do you handle them? If you started cold, do you realize that what seems slow to you now was probably the busiest you had ever been just a few years ago? Perspective is key and staying the course and guiding your staff through it confidently is key. (17:22)

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