July 14, 2022

CEO Series: Better Business Operations - E105

CEO Series: Better Business Operations - E105

CEO Series: Better Business Operations - E105

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Series: Better Business Operations (2:01)

Office Talk: Small Fish in a Big Pond (21:04)

In today's episode, we are continuing on in our CEO series and talking about how to maximize your day to day business operations to protect your margins and work more efficiently. There are so many things that go into this and one segment of a podcast is not going to do it justice but we are giving you a short list of things to look into in your practice to make sure you are operating effectively and efficiently. (2:01)

In our Office Talk today, we discuss the probability that you are likely a small fish in a big pond. Be careful not to let this discourage you and accept service that is subpar from vendors and the like, but also do not take it so far to the other extreme and be a pain for people to deal with because you demand so much when you really aren't worth it for them. It's a balancing act. Self evaluation is key to knowing where you stand and making sure you are treated well and have good relationships with the people that will help you on your journey to a successful, booming practice. (21:04)

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