April 7, 2022

CEO Mindset Series: Self Care Part 2 - E91

CEO Mindset Series: Self Care Part 2 - E91

CEO Mindset Series: Self Care Part 2 - E91

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Mindset Series: Self Care Part 2 (00:41)

Office Talk: Applying strategy (14:00)

 This is the final episode of our CEO Mindset Series! We like to think we saved the best for last. Not only is self-care paramount to having the energy and focus to strategize and do all the other steps we have talked about, but it is something that very easily is applied across ones entire life, not just your profession. Today we talk about the power of reading and how to curate a list of books that will help develop you as a person and get a mile deep in a subject with probably less work than you think. Enjoy! (00:41)

In today's office talk we discuss how we are implementing the "strategy" portion of this series in our own practice. There have been many meeting of the minds with our office manager to come up with a workable list of things we can do to better ourselves and the next step is putting it in to action! (14:00)

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