March 10, 2022

CEO Mindset Series: Numbers - E87

CEO Mindset Series: Numbers - E87

CEO Mindset Series: Numbers - E87

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Mindset Series: Numbers (00:39)

Office Talk: Marketing team, Sclerals, & Patient Connections (21:36)

We are continuing in our CEO Mindset series this week talking about NUMBERS! The numbers you get as a practice owner may differ some from the standard grading scale you had as a student but they are no less useful in telling you where you are at and what's really going on in your practice. In this episode we talk about different metrics you want to make sure you are paying attention to and what they mean for your success. What you do not measure, you cannot improve! (00:39)

In this week's office talk we have a lot going on! I have set up a mini-marketing team within my office comprised of my target market: moms; and it has been going great! I'm having a lot of new scleral fits and making some really fun connections with patients in the exam room. Listen in to see how it's done! (21:36)

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