March 3, 2022

CEO Mindset Series: Marketing - E86

CEO Mindset Series: Marketing - E86

CEO Mindset Series: Marketing - E86

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Mindset Series: Marketing (00:22)

Office Talk: Sclerals Update with staff (16:13)

In today's episode, we are continuing our CEO Mindset Series with an aspect of our practices that is grossly underutilized: Marketing. We walk through what that means and what that does NOT mean. This is one of the biggest areas practices seem to neglect so let's start turning that around and thinking like the corporate chains do and making ourselves been seen and heard in an effective way! Enjoy. (00:22)

In this week's office talk, we are recapping some interesting scleral fits I've had recently with my staff and the cool things being learned there as well as looking into some different patient situations that have come up in my practice. It pays to be flexible and think outside the box! (16:13)

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