March 24, 2022

CEO Mindset Series: Being a Leader/Ambassador - E89

CEO Mindset Series: Being a Leader/Ambassador - E89

CEO Mindset Series: Being a Leader/Ambassador - E89

Highlights from this episode:

CEO Mindset Series: Being a Leader/Ambassador (00:49)

Office Talk: A week of crazy situations! (16:17)

In the continuation of our CEO Mindset series, today we are talking about being the "face" of your practice. The office brand is centric around you ESPECIALLY if you are a private practice. This means you need to treat your position as such. Be seen, be out in the community, take part in committees, etc. Being prepared and knowing yourself and what you need to be comfortable in these situations is key. (00:49)

In this week's office talk, we had a doozie of a week with just some crazy patient situations. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? These things are going to happen and the thing to remember is not to freak out. It's going to be tempting to make a knee-jerk reaction and want to change a million things so this never happens again. Don't get me wrong, there may indeed be things you need to change or fix, but there is also a high likelihood that it's a fluke, the stars aligned, and it was just a crappy week. Take everything into account before letting your emotions get the better of you! (16:17)

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