Oct. 7, 2021

Case Studies on Customer Service - E65

Case Studies on Customer Service - E65

Case Studies on Customer Service - E65

Highlights from this episode:

Case Studies on Customer Service (00:40)

Office Talk: Staffing & Intern Update (21:05)

Don't you ever wonder if other practitioners have the same experiences as you? And, do you sometimes wonder how in the world they handle them? In today's Run Down, I give you 4 situations from just the past few weeks that I've had in my practice, and how I dealt with them. Sometimes it's nice to just know you're not alone with some of this stuff and maybe you'll be able to take something away from how I handled them. Like I often say, I'll be either a great example or a horrible warning for you but I think we can all grow from hearing about it! (00:40)

Let me just say this for this episode's office talk: Staffing with either make you love your job, or hate your life. I have an amazing staff right now; probably the most cohesive we've ever been, and it shows! The other thing we have going on is our current GVSU intern. I'm having her sit in on frame meetings, office meetings, etc. to hopefully give her a good view of what running a practice looks like. It's so much more than just doing an eye exam isn't it, my friends? (21:05)

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