Aug. 10, 2023

Can an Optometry Office Have a Brand? - E161

Can an Optometry Office Have a Brand? - E161

Can an Optometry Office Have a Brand? - E161

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: Can an Optometry Office Have a Brand? (00:36)

Office Talk: Interviews (:)

Closing Thought: Overpaying for special things (:)

In this episode we are talking about brands. You hear that word and immediately names start filling your mind that you readily recognize as a "Brand". All the big names out there have one thing in common: they all tell a story. They make you feel a certain way and you will buy what they have to get more of that feeling! Does your office have a brand? Are you telling a story or differentiating yourself in any way? (00:36)

In Office Talk this week, we are recapping the latest interviews we've had. The pool is small and unfortunately the latest interviewees have left us either high and dry or with much to be expected. You should not be rationalizing why someone would "work" at their interview. Thankfully we are hiring from a place of want and not a place of need so we have plenty of time to hold out for the right person!

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