June 8, 2023

Break the Stick - E152

Break the Stick - E152
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Optometry: The Ultimate O.D.

Break the Stick - E152

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: Break the Stick (00:39)

Office Talk: Student Shadow Experience (14:31)

In this week's episode we are taking our inspiration from the show Billions. It's a great watch and even though everything is obviously very dramatized, there are some little pearls in there that can be applied to what we do every day in our practices. In this case, it was a story about "breaking the stick". When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, and there seems like there's no good way out... that's when you break the stick! (00:39)

In Office Talk, I had the opportunity to have a third year optometry student shadow me for a morning at the office. Listen to my takeaways from that experience and what didn't exactly rub me the right way. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with students in your practice so I know if this is normal or not! (14:31)

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