July 8, 2021

Are You Meeting Patient Expectations? - E52

Are You Meeting Patient Expectations? - E52

Are You Meeting Patient Expectations? - E52

Highlights from this episode:

Are You Meeting Patient Expectations? (00:54)

Office Talk: Blood in the Water & Staff Perks (18:06)

What makes a great patient experience? The answer is meeting (or exceeding) the patient's expectations. The first step in this is figuring out what your patients' expectations actually are. You might be doing things that you think far exceed what's expected but the patient views it as a given. This segment is all about how to deliver on what you promise and blow your patients minds! (00:54)

Complacency is your enemy, my friends. Be careful that you don't let yourself slip and stagnate because that opens up the door for some other ambitious doc to swoop in and do what you aren't. Stay sharp, keep growing, and you'll give anyone trying to take over a run for their money. The other things I'm building up in my practice are staff perks. Make your staff happy and keep them looking good and it will pay dividends! (18:06)

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