Aug. 17, 2023

Are You Efficient or Short Staffed? - E162

Are You Efficient or Short Staffed? - E162

Are You Efficient or Short Staffed? - E162

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down: Staffing: the fight between efficiency & being short-staffed (00:51)

Office Talk: Failing forward on finding a new location (27:24)

Closing Thought: "Dream Big Dreams" (29:39)

The one consistent problem private practice owner deal with is staffing issues. Not only how to properly manage the team but also how to answer "simpler" questions like "how many staff members do I need"? There is a constant battle between running a lean, mean efficient machine and life happening, people call in, and you are then running a frazzled, unhappy, understaffed practice and everyone suffers because of it. We talk about my philosophy on this and what I do in my own practice. (00:51)

In today's office talk, we are recapping a second loss in the search for a new location. This next step in growing the practice has been a hard one but we are learning at every turn and once we get over this hurdle we will be off to the races! Seeds are already being planted for expansion beyond this step and it's getting exciting! (27:24)

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