June 3, 2021

7 Things Your Patients Want: Part 2 - E47

7 Things Your Patients Want: Part 2 - E47

7 Things Your Patients Want: Part 2 - E47

Highlights from this episode:

7 Things Your Patients Want: Part 2 (00:34)

Office Talk: Expo East & Practice Evaluation (12:05)

This week we are wrapping up the 7 Things Your Patients Want and trust me you need to know all of these! Not only will this connect you more to your patients, but it will help you direct your time, effort, and energy to things in your practice that will actually make a difference to the people that matter most: your patients. (00:34)

We are headed to Expo East this week! I'm talking Optometry meetings for the year as well as some great perspective I got from another podcast on the importance of and how to evaluate a business. I'm using their suggestions to look at my own practice as I get ready to expand and make sure I am running a tight and efficient ship. (12:05)

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