Aug. 26, 2021

7 Reasons Your Patients Are Firing You - E59

7 Reasons Your Patients Are Firing You - E59

7 Reasons Your Patients Are Firing You - E59

Highlights from this episode: 

7 Reasons Your Patients Are Firing You (00:56)

Office Talk: Solution Reach, Patient Communication, & Networking (14:00)

In our profession being "fired" by a patient doesn't necessarily mean someone is in our office blowing a gasket on us and storming out. No. For us, it's a quiet "firing". The patient will leave your office and just never come back. In this episode I go over all the reasons why a patient will fire you and what you can do about it! (00:56)

In Office Talk this week, I've got a few weeks under my belt with a new patient communication system, Solution Reach so I've got updates on how that's going. I'm also implementing some new touch points with my patients that I'll explain as well as how networking the last year and half or so has affected me. Don't miss it! (14:00)

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