Feb. 18, 2021

5 Ways To Be Involved in Your Community & Grow Your Practice - E32

5 Ways To Be Involved in Your Community & Grow Your Practice - E32
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5 Ways To Be Involved in Your Community & Grow Your Practice - E32

Highlights from this episode:

5 Ways to be involved in your community & grow your practice (00:40)

Office Talk: Hiring updates, improving office efficiency, and the power of collaboration (10:45)

You want to build good will and get noticed? Take care of and be involved in your community! In this segment I will give you 5 ways I do this with my practice and hopefully you will find these to be helpful in your practices as well. You can check out my "Ask Dr. Lillie" articles on the last page of my community's monthly newsletter right here. If you have any other questions about how we set up these promos, shoot me an email and we can show you what we've done! (00:40)

In Office Talk today we are continuing on in the hiring process with a candidate so I'll update you on that as well as some other small adjustments I'm making to my office to help it run even more efficiently. I am increasingly amazed at the amount of collaboration that has happened professionally since COVID hit and I think it is a huge asset to have other colleagues to bounce ideas off of and help each other out. (10:45)

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