Oct. 29, 2020

5 Principles to Follow When Marketing Your Office - E16

5 Principles to Follow When Marketing Your Office - E16
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5 Principles to Follow When Marketing Your Office - E16

Highlights from this episode:

5 Principles to Follow When Marketing Your Office (00:58)

Cold Start: Know Who You Are (10:56:)

Office Talk + Myopia Management (14:15)

Marketing is something I actually really enjoy in my practice. When done well, it is invaluable to your office and it's growth. When done poorly, it can be a big waste of time and money. In this segment I lay out 5 principles to make your marketing work for you and set you on the fast track to reaching the right people and getting them in your office! (00:58)

Whenever you do something new or big, out of no-where come all the armchair experts! This was something I had to learn to take in stride opening an office cold. Be aware of these people and let me share how I overcame the talking heads in this segment. (10:56)

This week in my office talk, I share how incredibly important patient feedback is and how it has exploded in my office over the last month or so. I also share my views on how to treat your patients in myopia management. They are not just your average bird my friend so best not treat them like it. (14:15)

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