June 24, 2021

5 Keys to a Great Office Culture - E50

5 Keys to a Great Office Culture - E50
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5 Keys to a Great Office Culture - E50 Highlights from this episode: 5 Keys to a Great Office Culture (00:38) Office Talk: Recalls, Favorite Tools, & Culture Index (13:07) If you have ever had a GREAT employer, you can probably attest to the fact that it had a great culture. That, my friends, is the secret sauce of an amazing workplace for both the owner/doctor and the rest of the staff. Creating this great culture and then KEEPING it despite the inevitable turnover of staff is crucial. In this episode I go over some keys for keeping everyone on the same page, growing, and above all enjoying their work which will motivate your staff and create an office atmosphere that they will never want to leave. (00:38) In this week's Office Talk, I discuss a new tool we are using for recalls and how it has boosted efficiency and is extremely user friendly for my patients. I share my must-have tools you should ALWAYS keep in your office, and my financial advisor suggested using the "Culture Index" to assist in finding a compatible doctor to add to my practice. You won't want to miss this segment! (13:07) Join in the fun and subscribe to the podcast to keep up with all the great content coming down the pipe! For exclusive content, be sure to register your email on our website and I will be sending out newsletters and other great bonuses as we go. I love getting feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. so contact me at www.theultimateod.com, on social media (click here for -> Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) OR, just shoot me an email at drlillie@theultimateod.com and I’d be happy to chat!