July 24, 2020

4 Things Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Being an Optometrist - E2

4 Things Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Being an Optometrist - E2
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4 Things Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Being an Optometrist - E2

Highlights from this episode:

4 things Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Being an Optometrist (00:33)

My take on Review of Optometry June 15th Edition (9:43)

Power Hour Review (12:36)

Myopia Meeting Webinars (15:59)

My Myopia Management Journey (18:46)

Steve Jobs is probably one of the most well known names in the world due to constantly pushing the envelope in the technology world. After reading his biography, I wanted to share 4 things that Steve Jobs can teach you about being an optometrist because believe it or not, there’s PLENTY that can be applied to us. (00:33)

Today I’m giving my take-aways from the Review of Optometry June 15th Edition(which is all about the retina). I’m more of an anterior guy myself so it was like pulling teeth trying to find applicable things to my practice. You’re welcome. (9:43)

I also listened to a great episode from The Power Hour podcast with Dr. Gary Gerber on how to enhance your patients’ experience and increase revenue. I go over what I think are some awesome ideas they presented that should be considered by every optometrist.  (12:36)

If you have checked out my other episodes, you may have noticed that I am very excited about Myopia Management. Well, I attended a Myopia meeting webinar and got some great nuggets from that to share with you all as well. (15:59)

The wheels are turning at my office in my odyssey in myopia management! Today I have some updates on what I’ve got in place so far and some pretty exciting things coming up in the next few weeks as we get things rolling here. (18:46). I will be continuing the saga each week with updates and real life experiences as they happen so tune in for those!

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