April 21, 2022

4 Small Changes with Big ROI - E93

4 Small Changes with Big ROI - E93

4 Small Changes with Big ROI - E93

Highlights from this episode:

4 Small Changes with BIG ROI (00:44)

Office Talk: Addressing problems & Being the squeaky wheel (14:27)

There are lots of "big" changes you could make in your practice that would shake things up and improve your ROI... however, those massive shifts aren't always practical in the season you're in or even possible given the limited resources we are often stuck with. This leads to what we are talking about today: 4 small changes that can make a BIG difference. It's the little things that add up over time my friends. Never discount the compounding effect one small shift in the right direction will have on your practice long term. (00:44)

In today's office talk, we discuss how your practice is it's own little ecosystem with its own specific strengths, problems, etc. The key to not stagnating and becoming a slave to "what is", is to be flexible and have a plan with how you're going to deal with issues and keep to your core mission ahead of time. We also talk about how you may have to handle issues outside your office (eg. with my optical supply vendor in my case) and how to do that effectively to get what you need handled. (14:27)

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