July 29, 2021

3 Ways to Grow Your Practice 2X - E55

3 Ways to Grow Your Practice 2X - E55

3 Ways to Grow Your Practice 2X - E55

Highlights from this episode:

3 Ways to Grow Your Practice 2X (00:)

Office Talk: Convo with my Mentor (13:41)

There are so many little tricks out there claiming to be the "silver bullet" to success. Well, this one my friends just makes sense intuitively. If you have a goal, what is something you can do that may not GUARANTEE you hit it but it will vastly increase your chances and in all reality, it will force you to grow and learn even more than you had thought starting out? The answer is: GO BIGGER. I give 3 specific steps to physically doing that in this episode. Don't miss this segment! (00:35)

In this week's Office talk, I recap an amazing day I spent with my mentor of 10 years in Colorado at the AOA meeting. If you take nothing else away from this segment, I hope you realize the importance and the benefit of having a mentor. Find someone who's where you want to be and ask them a million questions! You won't regret it and you would be surprised how much successful people love to share their wisdom. (13:41)

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