April 1, 2021

3 Unique Solutions to Glasses Issues - E38

3 Unique Solutions to Glasses Issues - E38

3 Unique Solutions to Glasses Issues - E38

Highlights from this episode: 

3 Unique Solutions to Glasses Issues (00:55)

Four Questions (8:40)

Office Talk: Protect Your Reputation (19:10)

In today's run down we talk about some out-of-the-box optical solutions I have used over the years to help give my patients the kind of vision that they want and need for their lifestyle. These might be some options you haven't thought about before and now you'll have something to try when the situation arises. (00:55)

"Four Questions" is a new segment I'm adding for a few weeks going through some big picture questions that I think are great for helping you take stock of where you're at in your practice. The four questions I will be discussing are: 

1. What have you learned?

2. What did you know that you found out was wrong?

3. What is your favorite aspect of the job?

4. What is your least favorite aspect of the job? 

I will give my answer to the first question in this segment and I hope to hear from you what your answers are. (8:40)

I have talked before about how you need to have your elevator pitch ready to give at a moment's notice. Well, this extends to how you carry yourself as a person both inside AND outside the office. Today I share a few examples that have just recently happened to me where how I acted outside my practice could have led to much different relationships with people and prospective patients. (19:10)

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