July 1, 2021

3 Keys to a Successful Optical Patient Experience - E51

3 Keys to a Successful Optical Patient Experience - E51
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3 Keys to a Successful Optical Patient Experience- E51

Highlights from this episode:

3 Keys to a Successful Optical Patient Experience (00:42)

Office Talk: Luxury Frame Lines & Staying Cutting Edge (19:28)

In most practices, optical is a huge profit center. Patients will spend more time in optical than with you and since it is such a huge chunk of their time in your office, you need to make sure they are blown away by the service and care they receive there. Not to mention, whatever they come out of your optical with will be a daily reminder on their face of that experience. Make it a great one and it will pay dividends for years to come! (00:42)

In this week's Office Talk, I am adding two "luxury" frame lines to my practice! I give my reasoning and what I'm trying to accomplish by bringing these in. I also discuss how to spot "weaknesses" in a practice just by taking a look at their website and optical for example. Enjoy! (19:28)

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