Jan. 14, 2021

3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27

3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27
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3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27 Highlights from this episode: 3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win (00:34) Office Talk: Sclerals & OCT (10:08) There are countless mountains you could die on as a private practice owner. The key is picking which ones are worth it. In this segment I discuss what battles you are better off losing to win in the long run. (00:34) I had scleral dispensing appointments this past week and got some great results. Listen to what I am figuring out with I&R's as well as utilizing my new OCT and how that's impacting not only my patients, but my staff as well. (10:08) Join in the fun and subscribe to the podcast to keep up with all the great content coming down the pipe! For exclusive content, be sure to register your email on our website and I will be sending out newsletters and other great bonuses as we go. I love getting feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. so contact me at www.theultimateod.com, on social media (click here for -> Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) OR, just shoot me an email at drlillie@theultimateod.com and I’d be happy to chat!